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Affordable Housing Agency (AHA)

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The Affordable Housing Agency (AHA) is the municipal entity responsible for overseeing affordable housing operations throughout Marlboro Township and ensuring that affordable housing units in Marlboro Township that are designated as low, very-low, and moderate-income units, once constructed, remain affordable to and are occupied by low, very-low or moderate-income households.  Marlboro Township’s Administrative Agent assists and reports to the AHA in not only accomplishing the above but also in:

  • Determining the maximum sale, resale and rental charges for low, very low, or moderate-income units and providing certifications to the developer, Planning Board, Mayor and Township Council as well as the construction official in charge of issuing affordable housing building permits.
  • Prequalifying prospective owners and renters based upon income and household size and for issuing income eligibility status certificates.
  • Establishing selection procedures and criteria for determining qualified purchasers and households.
  • Verifying that an Affordable Housing Agreement has been recorded and the deeds of individual low, very low, and moderate-income units reference the Affordable Housing Agreement.
  • Developing a formula for use in calculating the maximum resale price of low, very-low and moderate-income units consistent with rules established by the Council on Affordable Housing and those rules contained in the Uniform Housing Affordability Controls regulations.
  • Determining whether the cost or value of the installation of improvements or amenities within or as part of a low, very low, or moderate-income unit should be included in the calculation of the resale price or rental charge for the unit and establishing guidelines whereby a homeowner can obtain a determination from the Township’s Administrative Agent prior to the time improvements are made.
  • Coordinating with the Township’s Administrative Agent to review and approve the Affordable Housing Plan required of all developers of low, very low, and moderate-income housing.
  • Coordinating with the Township’s Administrative Agent to Review and approve the developer's proposed affirming marketing plan and requiring developers to submit proofs of publication in accordance with approved affirmative marketing plans.
  • Report to the Mayor and the Township Council on the status of low, very low, and moderate-income units.

The Affordable Housing Agency consists of five regular members and two alternate members, all of whom are appointed by the Mayor. No more than two members of the Affordable Housing Agency may be Township officials and one member must be a tenant or owner/occupant of a low- or moderate-income unit who is not a township official. The Mayor also designates one member to serve as Chairperson and one member to serve as Vice-Chairperson.

2014 Affordable Housing and Rent Control Board Meeting Dates

Affordable Housing Mission Statement

The Affordable Housing Agency makes sure that the prices and rents for affordable units remain affordable.  The Affordable Housing Agency also regulates the sale and renting of low, very low, and moderate-income housing units in order to make sure that they are only occupied by qualified households. Developers are required to give prospective purchasers and renters of low, very low, and moderate-income units copies of Marlboro Township's Affordable Housing Ordinance and disclosure statement which identifies the applicable use, occupancy and resale restrictions.

AHA Ordinance #2009- 24 – Amend Chapter 5   (PDF 2MB document)
Rent Control Board 
Municipal Housing Liaison

All meetings are held in Meeting Room #1 of the Administration Building, 1979 Township Drive Marlboro at 7:00PM

For assistance with affordable housing matters, please contact CGP&H, our affordable housing consultant.  Their contact information is as follows:

Affordable Homes
Ximena Calle
(609) 664-2782
Home Improvement Program
Gina Pazmino
(609) 664-2783