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Department of Public Works
Solid Waste/Recycling Bureau

2018 Official Township Recycling Calendar

DPW announces February Brush Collection

TOWNSHIP RECYCLING PROGRAM- Please note that Marlboro has contracted with Central Jersey Waste and Recycling to pick up the Township Recycling.
All recyclables must be placed curbside by 7:00am of your pick up day and may be collected anytime between 7am and 5pm.   Items must be placed in a reusable container that is not larger than 32 gallons; plastic bags or larger containers will not be collected. If your items have not been collected by 5pm, please leave them curbside and leave a message at 732 536-0188 or email to publicworks@marlboro-nj.gov . Please see the 2018 Recycling Calendar HERE for your zone and recycling regulations.


The Department of Public Works (DPW) is responsible for the maintenance of all public property including roadways and infrastructure. Among many functions, the Department manages the recycling, leaf, brush and bulk waste collection programs, is responsible for the upkeep of park and recreation facilities and the removal of snow from roadways.

The Township is divided into zones for purposes of scheduling and delivering services in the most efficient manner possible. On an annual basis, DPW publishes this calendar of services.

The Township provides numerous leaf and brush removal pickup dates, which means that debris is in or near our road and sidewalk areas during many months of the year. It is critical that all debris be placed for pickup in accordance with the published schedule and regulations of the Township. Leaves and brush must not be commingled. After the pickup period has passed and the streets have been cleaned, no additional debris may be placed curbside until the next scheduled pickup. Aside from detracting from the appearance of our Township, debris left in the streets impedes the flow of storm-water and exacerbates flood conditions. It causes traffic and safety hazards for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists and interferes with snow removal during the winter months. Landscapers or residents placing debris for collection in an unauthorized manner shall be required to remove the waste from the public right of way.

During the winter months, with leaf and brush removal coinciding with snow and ice accumulation, schedules necessarily become weather dependent. Complicating matters, trucks used for leaf and brush removal are also used for snow and ice removal. For example, trucks outfitted with sanders to treat the roadways cannot be utilized for leaf and brush pickup. As such, there are several leaf and brush collection cycles noted in the calendars as “Weather Permitting”. Based upon weather conditions and forecasts, the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) will determine whether or not winter leaf and brush collections will proceed according to the schedule. Residents will be notified in advance via Township email and social media if a collection will be postponed, in which case no debris should be placed for collection.

Please visit http://www.marlboro-nj.gov/resident-communications.html to sign up for email, reverse 911, Facebook and Twitter to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date schedule information.  We appreciate your cooperation in recycling and maintaining the appearance and safety of our community.

Click here for the Marlboro 2018 Recycling Calendar.

Recycling information can be found in the PDF linked above or to go directly to a page, click on he page number below. Following is a detailed page-by-page table of contents to help you find the information you are seeking quickly

Page No. Information about
Page 1/Cover
Message from Mayor Hornik, Township Council Members, General Table of Contents, Marlboro TV Channel, Township Web Address

Clean Communities Recycling, Township DPW and Recycling Phone Number, County Hazardous Waste and Reclamation Center Information, Did You Know? DPW facts and responsibilities

Public Works  Responsibilities and Information , How to Register for Town and Schedule Updates

How Do I Dispose of…? Keyword listing of common items and how they are to be properly disposed/recycled.
How to Arrange for Garbage Pickup – See ‘Household Trash’

Street-by-Street directory listing recycling zone

Recycling Collection: Commingled Materials and Mixed Paper

Recycling Center: Hours, Guidelines, Bulk Permits

Bulk/Spring Clean-up Collection: Schedule, Excluded Items, Guidelines

Brush Collection Information and Schedule by Zone

Leaf Collection Information and Schedule by Zone

Christmas Tree Pickup

‘Weather Permitting’ Pick-ups and Suspensions

Recycling, bulk trash Frequently Asked Questions

Snow Removal Facts & Guidelines

Surviving the Snow Brochure

Message from Mayor Hornik

Emergency Numbers, Power Outage Reporting

Township Social Media, Email and Reverse 911 Registration

Curbside Pickup Dates by Zone January –December  

Municipal Holidays, Recycling Center Holidays

Page 28/Back Cover
Collections at a Glance