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Township of Marlboro, New Jersey



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Economic Development

Marlboro is working with local businesses and new business to stimulate the local economy. As part of its efforts, the Township reconstituted the Economic Development Committee (EDC) to help coordinate efforts to build on the economic success that Marlboro has had.  Members of the EDC include Planning Board and Zoning Board members, Town Councilpersons, and our Deputy Mayor.

One initiative currently underway is a “Shop Marlboro!” campaign that encourages town residents to keep their spending for goods and services within Marlboro.

Why shop locally? By shopping locally you not only support your local merchants but locally owned businesses will return monies within the community through city taxes, employees’ wages, and purchase of materials and supplies at other businesses. Additionally, these businesses will revert dollars back into the community through school funding, social services, and contributions to local non-profit organizations. So, shopping locally not only helps local businesses grow but it helps Marlboro grow.

Below are links to resources and activities relating to Shopping in Marlboro.

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For assistance and inquiries, please contact a member of the
Economic Development Committee