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Township of Marlboro, New Jersey

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Engineering Division

The Engineering Division of the Marlboro Township Community Development Department provides all staff engineering services required by Marlboro Township departments. and prepares, maintains and preserves maps, charts and records of all roads, utilities, public buildings and structures and all public facilities owned or operated by the Township. 

In addition, the Engineering Division prepares, reviews and approves specifications for public works contracts and supervises and inspects work performed.  The Engineering Division is also responsible for reviewing proposed preliminary and final subdivision plats for conformity with the Municipal Subdivision Ordinance, inspects and approves all installations made in accordance with the requirements of the Planning Board and approved plans of each project.

The repair /replacement of concrete aprons and sidewalks in front of homes and certain multi-unit residential buildings are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Permits Issued by the Engineering Division

  1. Tree Removal Permit
  2. Grading and Clearing Permit
  3. Road Opening Permit
  4. Sidewalk/Apron Replacement Permit
  5. Driveway Permit – new/addition
Engineering Division Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a specific question for the Engineering Division please consult our list of Frequently Asked Questions.  If you don't find the answer that you are looking for we would be delighted to entertain your question by phone (732-536-0200, X1801) during normal business hours.