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It’s always time to plan your next activities at Marlboro Recreation! The Marlboro Township Department of Recreation is proud to present many different activities for your enjoyment.

Marlboro Recreation & Swim Summer Employment
Deadline: February 28, 2018

Summer Employment Packet - 2018

Summer Camps and Swim Club
Recreation Center, February 22,  7pm-9pm

The Marlboro Township Recreation and Parks Commission is now the Marlboro Township Recreation Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee is now a division of the Department of Recreation. The former Swim Utility has become part of the newly formed Recreation and Swim Utility, also a division of the Department of Recreation. With these organizational changes, you will begin to see positive changes taking place, including:

  • Online registration for programs is now available. Go to https://register.communitypass.net/marlboro now to set up an account for you and your family. When you are ready to register for a program, all you will have to do is sign up.
  • Electronic communications including an electronic version of the program guide, a Facebook page, and Twitter account.

The Marlboro Township Recreation Advisory Committee wishes you a healthy and fun-filled year and encourages you to take advantage of all that Marlboro Recreation has to offer.


FALL SCHEDULE - First Day of School – October 31:
Monday, Thursday and Saturday Sunset to 10:00 pm

WINTER SCHEDULE - November 1 – April 30 (Winter):
No lights

SPRING SCHEDULE - May 1 – Last Day of School:
Monday, Thursday and Saturday Sunset to 10:00 pm

SUMMER SCHEDULE - Last day of School – First Day of School
Every Day Sunset to 10:00 pm


Recreation and Swim Advisory Board meets monthly. See CALENDAR

The Marlboro Recreation Department Presents:

The Recreation Department oversees all lands, playgrounds, and recreation places of the
Township and may adopt suitable rules, regulations and bylaws for the use of these Township
properties. In addition, the Recreation Department is responsible for appointing custodians,
supervisors, and assistants to plan and operate its various programs and activities.

The Recreation Advisory Committee consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor - one of whom the Mayor designates as the Chairman and presiding officer. Each member is a resident of Marlboro Township and serves without compensation.

Activities and facilities provided by the Recreation Department include summer camp, art and
sports camp and camps for persons with special needs, tennis, basketball (grades 2-12),
gymnastics, soccer, special needs recreation, adult programs, children's programs, teen
programs, wrestling, swimming, softball, spring concerts, track, hockey, roller skating, and rock climbing wall.

Programming is also provided for seniors. The senior brochure, “Best of Times” advertises
another full slate of activities for our seniors. These activities include tours, shows, exercise
classes, and social services. We invite all of our seniors to join us and become participants in the "FUN". If you have not received a brochure which includes registration for classes, programs, health screenings and special events, please call Marlboro Recreation at (732)-617-0100.

In addition to arranging and providing exhibitions, plays, concerts, games, and contests, the
Department conducts studies to select lands for public playgrounds and recreation. These
studies are then brought before the Township Council for approbation and appropriate funding.

Check this website for the latest in Recreation Department programs and events.

ONLINE REGISTRATION: https:register.communitypass.net/Marlboro


Recreation Building
Marlboro Township Recreation Center

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