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Marlboro Township Alliance
for the
Prevention of Substance Abuse (MA)
Phone: 732-617-0186      fax: 732-972-7439


The Marlboro Township Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse serves Marlboro Township residents from kindergarteners through seniors by providing substance abuse education, drug-free activities, resource materials and referrals, when necessary. The Alliance conducts needs assessments, produces an annual prevention plan, and advocates for enhanced prevention services based on community needs and priorities. The Alliance also provides a variety of audiovisual and written materials, as well as current information about alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse and its effects on individuals, families and the community as a whole.

The Marlboro Township Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse functions as a catalyst in the community to raise public awareness about alcohol and drug abuse. The membership is representative of all constituencies within the Township as well as its institutions. The primary goal of the Alliance is to develop a community norm consistent with non-use of alcohol by underage persons, responsible use by adults, and no use of illegal substances.

The Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse sponsors workshops to provide information about living skills to both the youth and adult population. These workshops are provided as a community service and are free of charge to Marlboro residents. Alliance program information, including dates, times, and registration codes, are published in the Marlboro Township Recreation and Parks Commission semi-annual brochures and are included in the Recreation and Parks web page listing of programs . The Alliance sponsors model youth social activities and provides opportunities for youth to become involved in their community. Marlboro youth are encouraged to not only participate in these activities, but to plan and run them as well. The Alliance seeks to unify community effort and increase communication and networking among all existing agencies. Ideas and suggestions are welcome from all members of the community.

The Marlboro Alliance acts as a catalyst within our community to raise public awareness about substance abuse issues.  Alliance membership comprises representatives of the Marlboro community including but not limited to, police, schools, government, residents and treatment agencies. Our meetings are once a month at the Marlboro Recreation Center at 9:15AM.  Everyone is welcome.  Refreshments served.

Please see a message from the Marlboro Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse about the dangers of teen binge drinking and alcohol poisoning. For more information, please call the Alliance at 732-617-0186.


January 8, 2015, February 12, 2015, March 12, 2015, April 16, 2015, May 14, 2015

Public Awareness: Marijuana Candy


Do you know someone at risk for a heroin/opioid overdose? Free training and Narcan kit to eligible participants.  Please see FLYER for more. 


The Marlboro Alliance Parent Workshop entitled My Children or My Career originally scheduled for October 7 has been postponed and will now be held on October 28, 7pm at the Marlboro Recreation Center.

For more information, email drugalliance@marlboro-nj.gov or call 732-617-0186

As parents we want for our children to have the best that we can possibly give them.  The question is are we over doing it and creating negative consequences for them?

Many parents today:
Over- indulge their children
Over- schedule their activities
Over-involve themselves in their children’s lives
Over-pressure children and want them to be super stars
Over-stimulate children by allowing too much time on computers, videos, electronic games and cell phones  

Please join us at this interactive workshop where you will gain a greater understanding of these common parenting traps.  Learn tools and strategies to help your children be successful in life.

Refreshments will be served.

Please call 732-617-0186 to reserve a seat or e-mail drugalliance@marlboro-nj.gov

Parent Forums

We all strive to be the best parent possible; however, we know that it is not always easy. There is no handbook on how to be an awesome parent but we do have each other for support, understanding and helpful techniques. Please join us at our parent forums to openly discuss parenting issues, ask questions and get support from peers. Here you will have the opportunity to share your positive parenting tips as well as challenges and concerns you face.

By sharing experiences and supporting each other we can achieve the desired outcomes we want. Together we can fill our toolboxes with ideas learned from each other!

Please check the Alliance website and Facebook page for
dates and times or call 732-617-0186.

For additional information about Parent Workshops 
watch MCTV channel 77 or visit Marlboro Drug Alliance on Facebook