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Marlboro Swim Club




I.    Membership
II.   Swim Club Camps – Day Camp, Sports Camp, Activities Camp
III.  Swim Team
IV.  Food – Snack Bar
V.   Employment
VI.  Pool Rules
VII. Contact The Swim Club

I.     Membership
Can non-residents join the Marlboro Swim Club?
Yes the swim club accepts residents and non-residents. No sponsorship is required.

Why does a non-resident have to pay more than a Manalapan and Colts Neck resident?
Marlboro Township entered into a shared service with both Manalapan and Colts NeckTownship. The Swim Club Board of Directors and the Township Council determined what fees to charge.

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes The Marlboro Swim Club accepts cash, checks and credit cards.

Must I be a member to have my child take swim lessons?
Yes, you must have a family membership for your child to take swim lessons.

Can I book additional swim sessions after my session is finished?
Yes, as long as there are available openings.

What is the size of each group lesson?
Approximately 6 – 7 swimmers per instructor.

Does the swim club offer private swim lessons?
Yes, we offer both group and private lessons.

Swim Club – There is a 48” height requirement to use the 2 water slides. 

What age can my child have his/her membership without being part of a family membership?
15 years of age

Can I include my nanny on my family membership?
Yes, for an additional fee (see individual in price chart).

THUNDER STORMS – In order to insure the safety of both the members and the staff during a thunder storm or threatening of a thunder storm, the swim club has the right to close the facility and all members are required to leave the area. It is advisable to seek shelter in a vehicle.

DIAPERS – Children in diapers can only use the kiddie pool or intermediate pool at the main swim club.  The swim diaper must have a  SECOND containment diaper covering it. A containment diaper is a second plastic diaper and is necessary for added safety should the original diaper leak. This is to help keep the water’s bacterial level as low as possible. The swim office at the swim club sells reusable swim diapers for $8.00. You may purchase them in many kids clothing stores also.

SMOKING / LIQUOR – This is a non-smoking facility, however, a smoking area is provided outside the swim club.  Liquor is not permitted within the swim club or any park within the township.

Can I bring guests to the swim club on TGIF and special event days?
Yes – Guests may be brought to the swim club any day unless it is specifically excluded.

Where can I buy a guest book?
At the swim club office pre-season.
At the swim club during the season – cash or check only
Guest books are sold only to members and can be used only by the member purchasing that guest book. A member’s name will now be printed on the guest book.

In case of rainy weather, there are NO refunds for guest book tickets used that day. Please check the weather before using guest coupons. Guest books are also not refundable or returnable.

Guest books can only be purchased by a member and used by that member exclusively. The purchasing member must show their photo ID card to use guest books. Their name will be imprinted on the book so that they are the exclusive users of that book. Guest books do not expire and can be used the following year.

Does the swim club provide lounge chairs for the members?
You must bring your own lounge chairs.  The lawn is cut each week and they would have to move 1,500 lounge chairs weekly in order to service the swim club.  Most members bring lightweight foldable sand chairs that are easy to carry and store in the trunk of your car.

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II.    Day Camp – Co-ed Sports Camp

Must I be a member to send my child to camp?
Day Camp is only open to swim club members, you must have a family membership.

What age must a child be to attend camp?
Day Camp – age 4 to 9
Sports Camp – 8 to 12
Activities Camp - age 8 to 12

What are the hours of the day camp?
All Swim Club Camps - 11am to 4pm

How many campers to a group?
The ratio is (1) counselor per (4) campers, the group is approximately 8 – 10 campers per group. However, if there are more campers added to the group, a 3rd counselor will be added to the group.

Are the campers taken to swim lessons during camp?
Recreational swim is included during the camp day. Instructional swim lessons are offered at additional fee. If lesson is during the camp day, a counselor will escort camper to and from the swim lesson.

What do I do if it is raining before camp begins?
Call (732) 536-1029 for delayed openings or cancellations. If camp is delayed or cancelled there will be a recorded message and a possible website posting. We are attempting to create a web-site posting so parents can log on and see if camp is open, closed or delayed.

When can I enroll my child in Swim Club camp?
There are a maximum number of campers admitted into our day camp. Once this number is reached, the camp will be closed to all requests for admittance. It is advisable to sign up as soon as registration opens. Go to www.marlboro-nj.gov and click the Communications for Residents blue button to receive township updates.

Can my caregiver drop off my child at camp if she/he is not a member?
Yes, but they must leave immediately. There is a sign in/sign out sheet located at the front gate.
It the person dropping off does not leave or does not sign out the member will be billed a guest admission.

What is the refund policy for day camp?
Refunds are given prior to March 27th minus a processing fee of $40 that will be held back.
After March 27th there are no refunds.

Do the campers use the diving tank in the day camp?
No, the campers use the kiddie, intermediate and the main pools.
A required water test is given to each camper to determine their swimming ability and which pool they will be allowed to use while in camp.

Are there any girls in the sports camp?
Some years we get a couple some year no girls. We average 75 children in the Sports Camp.

How are the groups divided in the sports camp?
There are no set groups, there are (5) counselors and (1) supervisor. Each camper reports to a counselor for attendance, however, all the counselors are responsible for all the campers. They play as a team of campers. The campers are divided into teams for each game.

What pools are used in the sports camp?
The main pool and the diving pool. However, a height and water test is required for each pool.

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III.   Swim Team
Must I be a member to have my child swim for the swim team?
Yes, you must have a family membership.

Is a try-out required?
New prospective swim team members must try-out for a spot on the swim team.
An additional fee for each child is required to be on the swim team. This fee is to defray additional costs associated with the team.

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The swim club offers an extensive menu at our enlarged snack bar.  You may also bring in or order in food of your choice.

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V.    Employment

Counselor employment is available in our day camp for ages 15 and older. Must be 15 by July 1. Our day camp is 7 weeks long starting the last week in June. The hours of the camp are 11-4.

Age 15 and older (as per Red Cross requirements) Candidates must possess a valid Red Cross lifeguard and CPR certification.
If you want to work at the Swim Club but intend to obtain your certification later in the year, apply anyway so you are on our hiring list. You will not be hired until all certifications are submitted to our office. We will accept lifeguard call-in inquiries beginning the first week in October.


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VI.   Pool Rules
When you sign your membership application, there is a statement that you agree to, that you read the Pool Rules posted on our web site.

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VII. Contact The Swim Club

¼ mile south off Rt. 520
on Gordons Corner Rd                                                 
Brown Building on right side as you enter municipal complex                                                                  

                                              MAILING ADDRESS
                                           MARLBORO SWIM CLUB
                                                  1979 Township Drive
                                           MARLBORO, NJ  07746

SWIM CLUB OFFICE:           732-617-9600
FAX:                                       732-617-1063
Call the number below for recorded announcements regarding pool and camp closings.     732-536-1029

SWIM FACILITY:                  732-536-1029


SwimClub@marlboro-nj.gov  General Swim Email
BShapiro@marlboro-nj.gov    Swim Club Director
ABoyce@marlboro-nj.gov      Day Camp Director