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Spring 2017 Letter from the Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer

The Division of Zoning/Code Enforcement of the Marlboro Township Community Development Department is responsible for regulating and enforcing Marlboro Township's Zoning Ordinances which have been established to ensure the proper use of land and to protect the integrity of the Master Plan. The Division is also responsible for maintaining Block and Lot files which contain copies of all Zoning Approvals as well as all documents (plot plans, surveys, permits, resolutions, etc.) that are submitted along with Zoning Permit applications. When a resident misplaces his or her survey, the Zoning Division Office frequently is able to provide a copy from the Block and Lot files.

The Zoning/Code Enforcement Division is headed by the Township Zoning Officer, who is charged with reviewing applications for Zoning Permits and granting or denying such permits in accordance with Township Zoning ordinances. The Township Zoning Officer can be reached at 732-536-0200, ext. 1809 , You can also reach out to the  Zoning Division with your questions, comments and complaints at our e-mail address of zoning@marlboro-nj.gov. 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday.

Please take notice that your 2016 Marlboro Township Licenses are due

Zoning Approval Process

Building permits are brought in to the Zoning Office for approval after the Construction Division has reviewed them for completeness.

When a permit is found to be in violation of an ordinance, the homeowner is called and a follow-up letter is sent explaining the code that the proposed construction or use is in violation of. Residents are presented with choices as to how to continue from this point. They can either change the proposed construction so that it meets the ordinance requirements, apply for a variance from the Zoning Board of Adjustment , appeal the decision of the Zoning Officer to the Zoning Board of Adjustment, or go before the Zoning Board of Adjustment for an interpretation of the ordinance. The Zoning Office reviews approximately 105 building permits per month in the spring and summer months.

Zoning Complaint Process

The Division of Zoning/Code Enforcement is complaint driven. Complaints are received from citizens regarding violations of the various codes of Marlboro Township. Residents also call the Zoning Office to verify whether their neighbors have received permits for construction or simply to report a violation they might have observed.  Anyone in the Zoning Division Office can take a complaint, but the name, address and phone number of the complainant is required. The complainant's identifying information is required in order to make a complaint. This information may be requested by the violator and will be furnished upon request.

W hen complaints are received, a friendly letter is sent to the person allegedly accused of violating the ordinance explaining that a complaint has been received.  The complaint is described to the homeowner and the appropriate ordinance section is sited.  The resident is then asked to consider whether they are indeed in violation and if they are, to please correct the situation.  If this first step is not effective and it is determined that a violation indeed exists, an official Notice of Violation is sent to the homeowner.  If the problem remains unresolved, a summons is issued by the Zoning Officer, with a mandatory Court appearance.  Most complaints are remedied by the first step of this procedure.

Licenses and Permits Issued by the Zoning Division

  1. General Zoning Permit
  2. Fence Permit
  3. Sign Permit
  4. Swimming Pool & Fence Permit
  5. Mercantile License
  6. Continued Certificates of Occupancy – CCO’s (Non UCC) for residential sale or rental and Commercial sale or rental.

Building permits are good for one year from date of issue.  All licenses are renewable on January 1.  If you take out a license during the year, the fee is prorated.

Zoning Division Fee Schedule

General Permit $60.00
Fence Permit $60.00
Sign Permit (Less than 15 sq. ft.) $50.00
Sign Permit (15 plus sq. ft.) $75.00
Swimming Pool and Fence Permit $100.00
Engineering Inspection of pool grading $400.00
Engineering Inspection of ABOVE GROUND pool grading $200.00
Patios, Decorative Walls and Stanchions

Subsequent Review – An applicant will be charged 50% of the Original Fee

CCO (Non UCC) Residential
Application/Inspection  Fee  
Apartments        $100
SFD            $125
Fire Inspection (residential)         $35
Re-inspection Fee                $75.00


CCO (Non UCC) Commercial
Application/Inspection Fee         $100
Fire Inspection                            $35
Mercantile License Fee            $50 New - $ 25 Renewal
Food Handlers License             $25
Kennel License                        $25
Commercial Swimming Pool   $300

Food and Beverage Vending machines:  Permit   $20 annually
                                                            License $10 per machine

Amusement Devices - Operator:  $100 per calendar year for first device
   $ 30 per calendar year for each additional device
                                Distributor:  $ 50 per calendar year

Amusement Park/Entertainment Center:  Annual License Fee - $250 pluse $10 per machine for each machine over (50) machines.

Subsequent Review - An applicant will be charged 50% of the Original Fee

Zoning Division Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a specific question for the Zoning Division of the Community Development Department please consult our list of Frequently Asked Questions.  If you don't find the answer that you are looking for we would be delighted to entertain your question by phone (732-536-0200, X1809) during normal business hours.