Engineering Division
Clearing Trees on Your Property

You need to obtain a Tree Removal Permit from the Engineering Division whenever you intend to remove trees from your property. This application is available in the Forms, Licenses and Permits section of the Home Page listed as Clearing/Tree Removal. It costs $35 per application involving 5 or less trees and $100 for removal of 6 or more trees, and is available from the Engineering Division. For every tree over 9" in diameter that you propose to remove, you must plant another tree on your property. Replacement trees must be ten (10) to fourteen (14) feet in height after planting with a minimum caliper of two (2) inches (measured one foot above ground level) for deciduous trees. If an evergreen tree is desired, the minimum planting size is five (5) feet tall. If the homeowner cannot comply with this requirement, payment may be made in lieu of planting the trees on the residential property.  Replacement trees may be placed in any suitable location on the lot however they must be planted in a manner which will give that particular variety of tree the best chances of survival. Street trees (usually found parallel along the sidewalk or curb) should be replanted in their original location (this can be altered based on a case by case basis due to site constraints).

If you are clearing trees in conjunction with the installation of a pool, you need to obtain a separate Tree Removal Permit. The location of all trees to be removed should be clearly indicated on the survey or grading plan attached to your Pool Permit application