Dear Neighbor,

Six years ago today we were bracing for Superstorm Sandy. In the days before the Storm had made landfall, Marlboro Township had sent out 6 preparation emails as well as emergency Reverse 911 calls. Many more emails and calls followed as we recovered from the storm and the snow that followed. We were lucky. Although we were inconvenienced with power outages and downed trees and power lines, virtually no resident was displaced from their home. Sadly, not the case for our neighbors just a few miles east of us, some of whom are still recovering.

As a community, we have learned much since Sandy and have made significant infrastructure improvements. Many of our major intersection traffic lights have solar generators that will allow them to function in case of an outage, our gas stations are required to have generators on site so they can pump gas even without power and our Recreation Center now has full generator capabilities and can be used as a shelter/warming/charging station, to name a few. But we need you to help us help you. First and foremost is to ‘Plan and Prepare’. Communication is key and, as we saw even today, some lines of communication become unavailable (as an aside, wireless and internet was down for most of our Town and surrounding areas due to failure of a main line that required Optimum line workers to hand splice the fiber optics back together).

Please visit the Communications for Residents Section of the website and register your home and cell phones for police emergency 'Swift 911' calls. If you are receiving this email, you are already registered for Township Email Alerts, so thank you! Please remind your friends and neighbors to do the same. If you have Social media access, please follow the Township Facebook @Marlborotownship and Twitter @marlborotwp

The Sandy Updates are still on the website with important preparation and contact phone numbers and websites. Thank you for your cooperation as we work together to 'Weather the Storms’.

Yours in Community,
Mayor Jon Hornik