Dear Marlboro Resident,

If you have a child between the ages of 13-18 (or who is currently 12 but will be turning 13 in calendar year 2020), then we encourage you to have them join Marlboro’s Teen Advisory Committee (TAC).

TAC is a leadership development program that is committed to developing future community leaders, and teaches that community service is not optional, but rather a necessary and integral component of being a leader in life. TAC is a recipient of the New Jersey Governor’s Jefferson Award in the category of Youth Volunteer Programming.

Meetings are every other month at the Court Room at Town Hall, and are planned and run by TAC’s Executive Committee, which is a group of 10 teens that are elected annually by the TAC constituency. The Executive Committee works in conjunction with four adult facilitators. Teens who are registered for the TAC program will receive communications offering “DO GOOD!” community service opportunities, which have proven to be very valuable towards college admission, inclusion in National Honor Society, and the like.

To register your child for TAC and to receive e-mails about future TAC meetings and DO GOOD! community service opportunities, please click here: Note that this is a double opt-in registration process, so please check your email in-box upon registering to confirm registration.

Mayor Jon Hornik
Township Council President Carol Mazzola
The Marlboro Township Council
Council Liaison-Scott Metzger