January 29, 2022

Winter Storm Kenan – Update #4

Dear Resident,

Good morning. We remain under a blizzard warning until 4:00pm this afternoon with an additional 2 to 4 inches of snow, windy conditions and very cold temperatures.   I ask all residents to stay home and off the roads if at all possible.  If you must travel, bring an emergency kit and, if stranded, remain with your vehicle. 

Our Department of Public Works (DPW) plowed our roadways throughout the night and will continue to do so until all roads are cleared.  We ask for your patience as DPW clears our 200 miles of roadway.  NOTE: A 4 inch snowstorm takes up to 10 hours to clear.

Please do not call the police for snow removal updates.  They do not have information and it is vital that their lines stay open for emergencies.

We remind you that:

  • As per Ordinance, Vehicles and obstructions such as basketball hoops must not be in the street until snowplow operations are complete.
  • Do not clear your driveway all the way to the street before our snowplows have cleared the roads. Doing so greatly increases the chances of snow blocking your driveway.
  • Do not clear snow from your property or vehicles onto the road. Doing so creates dangerous roadways and icing conditions.
  • Please review the ‘Surviving the Snow’ on pages 22 and 23 of the Recycling Calendar and linked HERE for tips, important numbers and websites.

Please be cautious when removing snow from your property.  This is a heavy snow and can be particularly dangerous to shovel.  If you require emergency services, we will get to you even if your driveway isn’t shoveled. 

Stay home. Stay safe.  We will update throughout the day. 

Mayor Jon Hornik