December 16, 2020

Winter Storm Warning – Update 3A

Dear Resident,

As of yesterday afternoon, three emails were sent through the Township distribution list.  These emails detailed storm preparations and included links to important phone numbers and websites.  This storm is expected to bring heavy snow and high winds and power outages are a strong possibility.  As we learned from Sandy, it is important that multiple methods of communication are utilized to ensure we remain in contact. 

If you did not receive the storm emails sent on Monday and Tuesday than you are not registered for the Township official list and I am asking that you take a moment now to click here: and enter your email address. 

After entering your email and hitting submit, you will be redirected to a page to register for police SWIFT 911 calls. Only traditional home phones with non-private numbers automatically receive SWIFT911 calls. Private/unlisted phone numbers and cell phones require pro-active registration.  During power outages, most house phones are inoperable.  This means that important messages are not received until the power is restored and, in some cases, the message is no longer applicable.  For that reason, we strongly suggest that you register both your home and cell phones and opt-in for texting.  If you do not have or are not comfortable with a smart phone, please ask a relative or friend to register to receive updates on your behalf.  If you need assistance registering your phones, call Matt Price at 732-536-0100 ext. 1412.

If you have access to social media, please like and follow our Facebook page @marlborotownship.  Look for the blue and gold seal. 

Please review the email updates sent earlier this week.  They are posted on line and linked here:

Now is the time to plan and prepare.  Please be safe.  We will continue to update you through the methods outlined above. 

Mayor Jon Hornik