BALLOTS WILL BE MAILED BY THE MONMOUTH COUNTY CLERK BEGINNING THIS WEEK! If you do not receive a ballot by October 9, call the Monmouth County Clerk at 732-431-7790. The last day to register or make changes to your voter registration is October 13, 2020. 

We are providing the following to our residents based upon information disseminated by the Monmouth County Clerk.  Review General Election Information – Part 1 HERE .

Monmouth County Clerk Election Summary Information HERE.

County Mails Vote By Mail (VBM) Ballots – No Later than Monday, October 5, 2020
Last Day for Voter Registration or Changes – Tuesday, October 13, 2020
Election Day - Tuesday, November 3, 2020 (polls open 6am – 8pm) 

WILL I RECEIVE A BALLOT IN THE MAIL? All active Registered Voters, regardless of party affiliation, will be automatically sent a vote-by-mail ballot.  DO NOT DISCARD your ballot even if you do not wish to mail your ballot. The VBM ballot mailed to your home will list all Monmouth County official drop off ballot boxes. A separate postcard will be mailed with your polling location no later than October 23, 2020.  (See ‘What are my Options to Cast my Vote’ and ‘Make Sure Your Vote Counts’ below.)

WILL I RECEIVE A SAMPLE BALLOT? No, you will receive your VBM ballot.  Sample ballots for Marlboro are available on-line on the Monmouth County Clerk’s website HERE.  

WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS TO CAST MY VOTE?  It is highly suggested that you return your completed VBM as soon as possible after receiving it. Please be sure to follow instructions and complete the ballot correctly.  (Your options on Election Day will be detailed in Part 3).

  • US MAIL – Complete Your Official Election Ballot and mail it to the County Board of Elections (no postage required) in the envelope provided.  The ballot must be postmarked on or before November 3, 2020.  Fill out the forms completely, as per the instructions. You can track your ballot to ensure it was received (more below.)
  • OFFICIAL BALLOT DROP BOXES – There are no ballot drop-off boxes in Marlboro Township. This decision was made by the County Board of Elections. There are 17 official, secure ballot drop-boxes throughout Monmouth County. You can place your ballot in any of the Monmouth County drop-boxes. You may carry up to three (3) other voter’s ballots. The Bearer Section must be completed as per instructions. Your ballot must be in the drop-box no later than 8pm on November 3, 2020. The closest drop boxes are located in Manalapan, Aberdeen and at the Board of Elections office in Freehold. You may drop your ballot in any county drop-box. The complete list of drop-boxes and addresses on-line HERE.
  • HAND DELIVER TO THE BOARD OF ELECTIONS  - If you are delivering your ballot in-person, you may bring your complete VBM completed ballot to the Board of Elections Office (300 Halls Mills Road, Freehold) receipt until 8 pm on November 3rd; the night of the General Election. You may carry up to three (3) other voter’s ballots.  The Bearer Section must be completed as per instructions.  You must have identification to deliver your own ballot or if you are a Bearer delivering the voter’s ballot. 

Make Sure Your Vote Counts!

  • Ballots that are properly cast are counted by the Board of Elections.  Common errors causing ballots to be rejected are: 1. Signature does not match the one on record 2.  Neglecting to sign the Certification, and 3. the tampering of the Certificate of Mail-in Voter. Do Not Detach the Certificate and attempt to tape it. If your Certificate is detached or damaged, request a new Certificate by contacting the County Clerk’s Election Office at 732-431-7790.
  • If your VBM Ballot is lost, damaged, or you do not believe you received it, you may request a duplicate from the County Clerk’s Office by calling 732-431-7790 or sending in a replacement ballot request form, which is available online HERE. You may also visit the County Clerk’s Elections Office Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and on Election Day 6am to 8pm to request a duplicate ballot. 
  • TRACK YOUR BALLOT:  Visit NJ Voter Public Access Sign Up to set up and register your Voter Registration System Account.   Depending on how and when you registered to vote you will be required to validate your registration with your Driver’s License, SSN last 4-digits or Voter ID.  To find your Voter ID, click ‘Am I Registered?’ and complete the short form. Your registration status and Voter ID will be shown.  To avoid last minute delays, we suggest that you register as soon as possible. 

Where Can I Get More Information? 

Monmouth County Clerk:  
Call 732-431-7790
Monmouth County Website: Monmouth County Votes
NJ State Website: NJ Division of Elections
2020 NJ Information Portal:
NJ Voter Public Access Sign Up (Track Your Ballot):