Forms, Licenses, Permits

Marlboro Township issues a number of licenses and permits, some of which are available online. The first table will guide you to find the Online options that are available. The second table will guide you to the appropriate downloadable forms and regulating organization.

Regulated Area Type Issuing Organization Phone
Court Payments Pay Online Court 732-536-0100
Dial 9-1-1 for Emergencies
Report a Crime Report Online Police 732-536-0100
Dial 9-1-1 for Emergencies
Cats and Dogs Apply Online Licensing Division 732-536-0200, X1245
Fences, Patios, Sheds, Driveways Apply Online Zoning Division 732-536-0200, X1809
Property Taxes Pay Online Tax Collector 732-536-0200 X1804
Water Bills Pay Online Tax Collector 732-536-0200 X1804


Regulated Area Type Issuing Organization Phone
 ABC  License  Municipal Clerk  732-536-0200, X1805
 Alarm Permit and Agreement
for Direct Connection Form
 Permit  Police  
 Alarm Business and Residential  Permit  Police  
 Application & Agreement for
 Use of Facilities
 Permit  Recreation Commission  732-617-0100
 Bingo  License  Municipal Clerk  732-536-0200, X1805
 Births  Certificate  Registrar  732-536-0200, X1600
 Blue Light  Permits  Mayor's Office  732-536-0200, X1200
 Burials  Permit  Registrar  732-536-0200, X1600
 Building Permits  Permits  Construction Division 732-536-0200, X1800
 Cats  License  Licensing Division  732-536-0200, X1245
 Construction  Permit  Construction Division  732-536-0200, X1800
 Continued Certificates of
Occupancy (NON UCC)
 Permit  Zoning Division  732-536-0200, X1809
 Continued Certificates of
Occupancy (NON UCC)
Residential Resale/Rental
 Permit   Zoning Division  732-536-0200, X1809
 Death  Certificate  Registrar  732-536-0200, X1600
Residential Code compliance
Guidelines for Decks
 Permit  Construction Division  732-536-0200, X1800
 Disinterments  Permit  Registrar  732-536-0200, X1600
 Dogs  License  Licensing Division  732-536-0200, X1245

Tree removal
Grading and Clearing
Sidewalk/apron replacement

Road Openings

 Permit  Engineering Division  732-536-0200, X1801
 Fences  Permit  Zoning Division  732-536-0200, X1809
 Fences (where there are no pools)  Permit  Zoning Division  732-536-0200, X1809
 Filming Permit Application  Permit  Business Administrator  732-536-0200, X1805
 Landlord Registration Form   Municipal Clerk  732-536-0200, X1805
 Marriage  License  Registrar  732-536-0200, X1600
 Mercantile - Food Handler  License  Zoning Division  732-536-0200, X1809
 Mercantile Application
Renewal Letter
 License  Zoning Division  732-536-0200, X1809
 Open Public Records Request form  Request Municipal Clerk  732-536-0200, X1805
 For tax assessment
information and residential
property cards.
 Open Public Records
Monmouth County
  Municipal Clerk  732-536-0200, X1805
 Parking  Permit Municipal Clerk  732-536-0200, X1805

Planning Board Forms

Planning Board Application & Escrow Fee

Minor Subdivision Check List

Site Plan Check List

Preliminary Major Subdivision Check List

Final Major Subdivision Check List


 Permit  Planning Division  732-536-0200, X1808
 Pools  Permit  Building  732-536-0200, X1800
 Raffles  License  Municipal Clerk  732-536-0200, X1805
 Signs  Permit  Building  732-536-0200, X1800
 Soliciting  License  Police for Processing  732-536-0200, x1460
 Special Affairs  Permit  Municipal Clerk  732-536-0200, X1805
 Property Taxes  Form  Tax Collector  732-536-0200 X1804
 Tennis  Permit  Recreation Commission  732-617-0100
 Vacant Property Registration
 Form  Zoning Division  732-536-0200, X1809
 Veteran Property Tax
Deduction Claim Form
 Application  Tax Collector  732-536-0200 X1804
 Volunteer Background Check    Recreation Commission  732-617-0100

Water Service Applications



Single Family Packet

 Application   Water Utility  732-536-0200 X1816

Zoning board Application
(note all forms are required for the application)

Zoning Application for Hearing

Zoning Checklist for Use Variance Application

Requirements for Site Plans

Schedule of Area, Yard and Building Requirements

Zoning Land Use Fee Schedule A

Zoning Land Use Fee Schedule B

Preliminary Major Subdivision Application

Minor Subdivision Application

Complete Checklist for Bulk Variance

 Permit  Zoning Division  732-536-0200, X1809
 Application for Zoning Approval  Permit  Zoning Division  732-536-0200, X1809