The Township has been providing general election information based upon information disseminated by the Monmouth County Clerk’s office.  If you have not been receiving these and other Township updates, please click HERE and enter your email address in the blue box. 

Monmouth County has mailed Vote By Mail Ballots to all valid, registered voters.  If you did not receive your ballot, call the Monmouth County Clerk at 732-431-7790. The deadline to register or to make changes to your signature, name or address is October 13. 

WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE VOTE BY MAIL ENVELOPE? Your official mail-in ballot (2-sided) 2. A letter from the County Clerk detailing how to fill in the ballot, how to return the ballot, drop-box locations, and public questions interpretative statements.  3.  Quick tips and instructions 4. Instructions. 5. Postage paid envelope. 


  1.  Us Mail (all ballots have a postage paid envelope).
  2.  Drop in secure ballot boxes located throughout the county. The locations are listed in your ballot envelope and in our General Election Update 2 (linked below).
  3. In-person at the Monmouth County Board of Elections in Freehold.
  4. At your polling location on Election Day.  Your polling location for this election may not be in your usual place. There are 6 locations in Marlboro.  Your location will be sent to you on a postcard from the county, in a township update and is available on-line. 

Do NOT discard your Vote by Mail Ballot.  You can hand in your Vote By Mail ballot on Election Day at your polling location for this election, but if you do not have your Vote By Mail ballot you will be given a provisional ballot and they are counted last.If you require a replacement ballot, call the Monmouth County Clerk at 732-431-7790.

ELECTION DAY - There will be no voting machines on Election Day except for those who certify that they are disabled.  If you require an ADA paper ballot, call the Monmouth County Clerk at 732-431-7790.

For more detailed information including checking your registration status, tracking your ballot, and important websites and phone numbers see GENERAL ELECTION INFORMATION PART 1. 

How to cast your ballot, drop-box locations, common errors to avoid, are detailed in GENERAL ELECTION UPDATE PART 2.